Reinventing tradition

Famed Osaka restaurant Sushiyoshi has made its way to Hong Kong where guests can expect an unforgettable culinary journey.

Renowned for its remarkably creative and inventive sushi dining experience, two-Michelin-starred restaurant Sushiyoshi of Osaka in Japan is now open in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui, providing a cozy and luxurious cocoon away from the nearby hustle and bustle.

An intriguing escape from the city, the stylish and exclusive restaurant seats just a dozen customers and features a 200-year-old Japanese Hinoki counter table made of cypress wood and in a sumptuous shade of blush pink. Decorated with a rose as the focal point, the entire restaurant is adorned with modern elements combined with a western touch to perfectly match its contemporary cuisine.

Since Sushiyoshi’s opening in Osaka 28 years ago, Chef and owner Hiroki Nakanoue has gained a reputation for his modern and innovative take on traditional Edomae style sushi, infusing Japanese tradition with an exciting culinary palate developed through traveling the world. The result is some of the most extraordinary sushi imaginable.

Chef Hiroki’s technique aspires to surprise and indulge guests with novel flavors, combining seasonal ingredients to reinvent Edomae sushi.

The new Sushiyoshi Hong Kong, a joint venture with Four Seas Group, follows this same creative philosophy. Chef Hiroki explains, “Sushiyoshi Hong Kong will offer the authentic Sushiyoshi experience, not the usual sushi meal. It will be a playful one for people who love sushi.

“My creative flair is seen through the meticulous menu with dishes that boast colorful flavors and fresh seasonal ingredients from Japan and Europe – all prepared in a dramatic and theatrical manner in front of our guests.”

Seasonality plays a large role in the restaurant’s ever evolving menu as the availability of ingredients changes. Much of the seafood is flown in daily, handpicked by Chef Hiroki in Japan’s fish markets and executed to perfection by Head Chef Sugawara in Hong Kong. Sharing the same culinary heritage as Sushiyoshi Osaka, Chef Sugawara prepares a fine dining sushi experience with almost the exact same ingredients as the Osaka shop.

Chef Hiroki carefully designs a menu comprised of signature dishes from Osaka. On the 17 to 21 course omakase menu, guests will be taken on a mouth-watering journey through delicacies such as Waffle with Scallop Tartare, Caviar d’Aquitaine Uni Rice, Botan Shrimp Carpaccio and Syphon Dashi.

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