Bringing life back to life

The GOODONE and its creator Yang Hanjing are bringing old times back to life in Zhuhai.

Having originated in Xiamen, the GOODONE is a space based on the retro atmosphere of 1970s and 1980s China, selling old-time living objects and second-hand furniture as well as staging exhibitions, performances, workshops and high quality private kitchens.

Yang Hanjing, creator of the GOODONE, tells High Life the original plan was to open a space to sell all the ageing objects he had collected over many years. Unexpectedly he happened to stumble upon the retro trend that had just started at the time in Xiamen. All of a sudden, the GOODONE became the go-to supplier to many vintage shops and became extremely successful.

“People with creative ideas always like things that are unique,” Yang says. “Our stuff is is all chosen from past times so it cannot be repeatedly copied.

“Our old objects, they have unique characteristics that will evoke a collective memory in everyone who sees them.”

Last October, the GOODONE opened its Zhuhai stop in Beishan Theatre, which is a 200-year-old building belonging to the old temples of Beishan Village. Beishan ir renowned for its maintenance of historical buildings.

The interior design of the GOODONE achieves a balance between modern and traditional. Modern materials were mostly used in the decorating details given that people prefer to touch these materials even when among vintage scenes.

The flooring is made of stone strips abandoned during the original village’s demolition. Recycled planks and old patterned tiles are also adopted. The entire space adheres to the aesthetic style of Xiamen’s shop, showcasing a wealth of ancient wooden furniture and old objects that bring people back to the warm sceneries of old.

Yang explains that the reason he brought his brand to Zhuhai was because he shares the same goals and tastes as city partners Xue Wen and Xue Jun, who are the owners of Beishan Theatre. On the other hand, all are optimistic about Zhuhai’s future tourism and cultural prospects.

“The appreciation of old things is in fact a concept of life facing the future – it keeps the urban memory of the city and inherited life aesthetics, and it keep things sustainable. It is quite environment friendly,” he says.

The other purpose of the Zhuhai shop is to build a connection and interaction between Zhuhai and Macau, with some relevant programs to be started later this year.

Yang hopes to build the GOODONE into a high-end provider of integrated lifestyle products in China, with original designs and high quality, much like Muji in Japan or Ikea in Europe.

“Once you enter our space, I hope you find out that our products not only evoke nostalgia for the old times but also can support your ideal life,” he offers. “We inherit the good things that have prospered through time. In fact, we are bringing life back to life.

“Although we do not make much money now, I believe those who are making money will come to buy this kind of life that we can provide!

“My biggest achievement is doing things that others do not and cannot do and giving it vitality. An ideal thing, once it has vitality, is naturally linked to beauty.”

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