Back drop necklace

In the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn, in a Givenchy black dress, wears a pearl necklace back to front and stops in front of the shop window – creating a stunning sight that has been engraved in the history book of dress-matching. A backless dress that leaves a beautiful necklace hanging from behind is touching to the heart.

Winter palace dance

Les Mondes de Chaumet Promenades Impériales

This year’s new Les Mondes de Chaumet high jewelry collection includes three themes, infusing the collision of different cultures and Chaumet into the soul of jewelry. As the first chapter, the theme “Promenades Impériales” draws inspiration from the historical background and cultural influence of Russia. The “Promenades Impériales” jewelry tells the story of the snow-covered ice fields of Siberia, Russia, and reinterprets the exquisiteness of the Russian traditional kokoshnik head dress. The combination of Padparadscha Sapphire, Ceylon Sapphire and diamonds is like awakening the gorgeous sunglow of the snow-covered region and the blue sky.



Gushing waterfall

Tiffany & Co. The Art of Wild Necklace

Water is one of the most fascinating natural elements on this planet – it can be unpredictable, clear and gentle, or rough and surging. This waterfall necklace comes from the Tiffany 2017 BLUE BOOK The Art of Wild high jewelry collection, inspired by the magic beauty of the hanging waterfall. The inlaid diamond perfectly reproduces the smooth running of the waterfall, as if the water flows from the inside to the outside. The irregularly embedded diamond lines with different lengths are like water pouring down, stirring up infinite vitality. In this collection of breakthrough innovations, diamonds hang down on necklaces and earrings, flashing like galaxies.



Legendary rose

Piaget Rose Necklace

The Yves Piaget Rose has been enchanted for a long time, resulting in great attraction and conveying eternal love. Mr Yves Piaget loved roses and created the legendary rose in the garden of Piaget. Piaget reinterpreted the spirit of Piaget with this beautiful rose necklace, revisiting the history of its rose designs. Delicate roses quietly bloom pale rose gold hollowed-out petals. The dazzling brilliance transmitted by the central gemstone is the crowning touch. Embellished with elegant pearls, it shows the ultimate feminine charm.



Colorful “feather” clothes

Boucheron Plume de Paon Necklace

Mr Frédéric Boucheron, the founder of the Boucheron brand, is a veritable aestheticist and is obsessed with exploring the beauty of nature. The peacock feather soon became a source of inspiration for Boucheron’s work. The unrestrained and graceful gesture of nature was turned into heart-touching jewelery work. In 2018, the new Plume de Paon necklace is richer in texture, perfectly fitting with women’s intriguing curves. The lapis lazuli and topaz long necklace is elegant and luxurious while the innovative wearing style highlights femininity even more.



Secret beauty

Secret Cluster by Harry Winston Diamond Necklace

The Secret Cluster Diamond Necklace was inspired by Winston’s classic Winston Cluster design to pay tribute to the legendary gentleman, the founder of the brand, Harry Winston. Dazzling and brilliant jewels are not just for attracting attention. Each masterpiece hides an amazing secret – a hidden gem, waiting to be unveiled. The horse-eye shaped, pear brilliant-cut and round brilliant-cut diamonds weigh approximately 82.95 carats in total and are beautifully set in the platinum base. This stylish high jewelry necklace can be worn as a long necklace, a three-row necklace or a back pendant.

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