Riot of color

Poetically dwelling on earth, the diversity and colors of nature endow life and borders with different rhythm. The delicate mystery of the Eastern Kingdom, the mottled light of Africa, the delightfulness of the Western world, the smashing aurora of the northern land and, in the world of jewelry, the orgy of colors exist just like works of art.

Coloratura fine

Cartier Coloratura Chromaphonia

Chromaphonia Cartier uses emeralds, spinels, orange garnets, turquoise and diamonds to create dazzling color contrasts, reminiscent of exotic Eastern European festivals and traditional ladies’ pleated slips. The necklace is shaped with a diamond-cut emerald and the fascinating color reveals features from Afghanistan, while the unique appearance gives off a different charm.

The gems that Cartier cherishes have a dazzling beauty in this group of jewelry pieces. Diamonds, onyx, turquoise, spinel and orange garnets are alternately paved to create a striking geometric pattern. The beautiful tones contrast, echo and set off, just like a picture of thousands of colors.

Roaring brilliance

Bvlgari Wild Pop High Jewelry Roaring 80s Necklace

Inspired by the empowerment, free spirit and experimentation of the roaring ’80s, the Wild Pop Collection pays homage to Andy Warhol and the pop art of the 1980s with unlimited inspiration and bold creative ideas.

In the ’80s, women wore towering stilettos, sculptural gowns and striking dresses with shoulder pads and ruffles. Encapsulating the power of colors, the necklace sways with emerald drops and is styled with gold ruffles set with amethysts, turquoise and pavé diamonds. Bold designs, brilliant gemstones and Roman charm collide into the splendor of the Precious Ruffles necklace.

Dancing nights

Piaget Sunlight Escape Jewelry

As the final chapter of Piaget’s Sunlight Escape Journey, Dancing Nights depicts the great beauty of the starry night of the northern lands painted with an unearthly, surreal and dazzling aurora. The necklace takes inspiration from a gorgeous flowing aurora with an oval-cut red spinel that radiates outwards in red and pink spinels, Paraiba tourmalines, spessartites and white opals. The starry sky of the “Great North” is charged with elation and joy. Driven by solar winds, aurora borealis sweeps silently through the atmosphere, flaring, fading and flaring once more.

Color revelry

Chopard Red Carpet Collection

Year in and year out, the collection unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival provides Chopard with an annual highlight and opportunity to express boundless creativity. This year, the Red Carpet Collection is inspired by the various travels and dreams of its Creative Director, Caroline Scheufele. Pursuing Scheufele’s oriental dreams, a choker provides another vivid foretaste of this Red Carpet collection. Gently held by rows of facetted tanzanite balls, a central red titanium motif plays with a fascinating aquamarine, inviting observers to immerse themselves in its blue-tinged shimmer. The necklace is reminiscent of a lyrical dance of bejeweled gypsies under the setting sun.

Serene lotus

Lotus by De Beers Soothing Lotus Necklace

Inspired by the serene beauty of the lotus flower, the Lotus by De Beers High Jewelry Collection captures the extraordinary lifecycle of this symbolic bloom in pristine diamond form. Each of the five stages in its journey towards the sunlight are brought to life in beautiful designs named Awakening, Blooming, Flourishing, Radiating and Soothing Lotus.

A pond dusted with mottled lily pads and lotus flowers reflecting a faint glow as dusk arrives create a peaceful luminosity. The tranquility of a pond draped with lotus flowers is conjured with an artistic arrangement of rough and polished diamonds. A 6.06 carat pear-shaped diamond drop completes the composition.

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